Movie Review: Bent

“Bent” is a short film that is directed by Amy Jo Johnson. It picks up 30 years after the ending of her feature length film “Crazier Than You”. This is the first movie that she has directed as well as written and was funded as a project on IndieGoGo.

Amy Jo Johnson also stars in the film as Amelia, a down on her luck cleaner and the daughter of the woman that died in the first film. The film is set on the 30th anniversary of her mother’s death where she meets her best friend Jackie at the cemetery to visit the grave. Both of these girls were raised for part of their lives in a religious cult and this movie explores how this has stayed with them throughout the course of their lives. They remain friends even though their lives have taken very different paths.

The film shows how people use jokes to get through times of grief and to hide the sadness that they sometimes feel in their everyday lives. When Amelia and Jackie meet at the cemetery you may expect there to be a lot of tears but in fact this is not the case. They dance and drink at the grave and you really get a sense of how deep the friendship really runs. She teaches her some great green cleaning tips that help her turn her business around.

The movie is being released on YouTube and is well worth a watch if you get the chance. It is a movie that is perhaps best enjoyed with some friends that you have a long association with as the film will make you think about all the things that you have been through together as friends and how these things have bought you to the place that you are now in your relationship.bent-black-lady-housekeeping

To find out more about Amy Jo Johnson you can check out some of the other films that she has written. She is also a singer/songwriter and has released three albums that you may want to listen to.

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