Tips to Keep Clothing Organized and Under Control

Clothes seem to have a knack for causing chaos to the point where you are likely to find them in every room of the house. The favorite spots clothes seem to gravitate to are bedroom floors, beds and the living room couch. While this in itself is somewhat annoying it becomes even more frustrating when clean clothes get lumped together with dirty ones and before you know it you have twice as much washing to do. As if you don’t already have enough household chores to do!

There are a number of reasons clothes cause a mess in our homes. Let’s look at some of the ways we can get clothing organized and back under control.

1. Everything But the Kitchen Sink……

Your clothes may not be the reason you can’t stuff a single thing more into your closet. Closets often end up being home to all sorts of personal belongings, particularly when we don’t know where else to put them. Items such as towels, old toys and photographs do not belong in your closet and need to be located elsewhere. Your closet should have sufficient space to hold all of your clothes so that there is no need to leave any lying around on the floor, bed or over the back of a chair.

If you are guilty of being afraid to open your closet door in case everything comes tumbling out it is time to look at how you can maximize that space. The first step is to remove every non-clothing item and find somewhere else for them to be stored. This is also a good time to go through clothing and pull out any items that you won’t wear again or no longer fit. Once this has been done and you now maximized your closet space we can move onto organizing your clothes.

2. Group Similar Items Together

Organizing your closet isn’t anywhere near as difficult a task as you may think it is. Start by sorting your clothing into piles, putting like items together i.e. all jeans together, all t-shirts together and so on. This will make locating a particular item in your closet much easier. All items to be hung up can be placed back in the closet, using the same principle of hanging like items together. Folded items can then be placed neatly on upper or bottom shelves.

3. Get into the Habit of Keeping Things Neat and Tidy

When putting away freshly laundered clothing make sure they are all folded neatly and in the same manner. When clothing is folded neatly it takes up less space, and the sooner it is folded and put away the less likely it is to become wrinkled. You should treat your bedroom with the same respect. Don’t leave clothing laying on your bed or worse still the floor! Leaving clothing to be put away ‘later’ is a form of procrastination and ‘later’ tends to not happen.

4. Dealing with Used Clothing

When we refer to used clothing we mean clothing that may have been worn once or twice already but isn’t considered dirty enough to require washing yet. We do not mean clothing that you spent 2 hours at the gym in! It is quite typical for used clothing to end up dumped on the bed when we change out of them and this is where chaos starts to rear its ugly head. Consider hanging them on hooks on the inside of your closet door so they are readily accessible but not messing up your room.

5. Kids Need to Organize Their Clothes Too!

Good habits are learned at an early age and so it is never too soon to teach your kids to keep their clothes organized and tidily put away. Kids are notorious for getting their bedrooms in a mess and clothing is just one part of the equation. Unfortunately kids don’t know how to contain their mess in their rooms and are likely to be major contributors to the piles of clothing amassing in other parts of the house. Naturally the more people living in a house the more clothes are likely to be left lying about.

How much responsibility you give your children in regard to their clothing will depend upon their age. Young children can be taught to put their clean laundry, the same way the bent cleaner angela taught nikola, away in the correct drawers and older children can be given their clean laundry to fold and put away by themselves. All children, regardless of age, can be expected to put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper as soon as they take them off.


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